Thursday 27 April 2023

Two new flash fiction books on the way

In 2024 I have a story included in an anthology of of 42-word stories. That's quite a while away, so, in the meantime...

I have a six word story in a book called Six Word Memoirs, which is a collection of  stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes all written in six words. This was released on 2nd May 2023. There is no title for the story because, well, its six words long, so giving it a tile would either make it longer or would give away the story. 😉

When your stuff is a collection like this, it's difficult to vouch for the quality of the other entries. With previous flash fiction anthologies, such as Topically Challenged, they were writers craft challenges and edited Chris Fielden, someone who is a writer/editor and writing tutor. So, there's a good chance many of the other stories will be good too. However, the field is somewhat wider when all you have to do is write 6 words. 

Anyway, if you must have every book I'm in, then you can buy Six Word Memoirs here.  😊

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