Saturday 6 October 2018


Terraforming, hypothetical to Mars.
But daily we reshape the Earth, 
Our spherical home in the darkness of space.
This place is not the same as yesterday, 
Days gone by, or tomorrow.

The atmosphere, the temperature, the surface, the ecology;
All sculpted and scuppered by man’s deadly lust.
For we mistrust each other, dear brother, my brethren, my kin. 

The higher power isn’t there, 
So should we care, or, 
Just perhaps more apt, simply despair?

I have new trainers, a sharp haircut 
And my snazzy mobile phone.
Tonight I’ll watch a box-set 
(Whilst playing on my phone.)

I’m social, yet I’m not because, well, 
Who is these days?
And tomorrow the problems of the world 
Will be different or renewed,
For humans will have changed Earth once more.

Terraformed over decades to a sorry state of states.
Decay is real, not hypothetically speaking.

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