Friday, 29 July 2022

Haiku Moments Two

 More spur of the moment haiku writing. Enjoy...


Rolling down grass hill.

Screams of ecstasy ring true.

Childs game for all ages.


Crisp yellow grass beneath.

Bounding towards the crystal lake.

Instantly cold, we retreat.


All farts are funny.

Laughter fills the void betwixt.

Smell beholds questions.


Thunder cracks sky.

Sky split open.

Earth bound.


Born free, all alike.

Doctrine prescribed, no challenge or thought.

Chains and division begin.


Chills clasp at my bones.

Microwaved warm chicken soup.

A warm soothing hug.


Thursday, 6 January 2022

New Book I Wish It Were Raining Available!

Finally, the day is here! My latest picture book, I Wish It Were Raining, is avialable to buy! 

I Wish It Were Raining - By Mark Towers

With 16 double-page illustrations, this is my most ambitious effort to date. To say I'm a little drained after the effort put in to this one would be an understatement. 

I wrote the first draft of this simple rhyming story several years ago, and it stayed in a folder of other "stuff" for a while. A few months ago I decided to dust it off, make some improvements and contemplated seeking an established publisher. Certainly, I'd rather work with a publisher (and an agent, if there's one interested!), so, I'm not really an indie publisher by choice. 

However, I really enjoyed doing the artwork for Strawberry Scoreberries last year, so I decided to give the illustrating another go. Publishers prefer to work with their own illustrators (unless you're an established writer/illustrator), so I knew it would have to go the indie route again. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the illustrations and the book overall. 

So, you now know the title, what is it all about? Well, here's the sales pitch. "Sun, wind, snow, rain - What weather do you wish for, and what would you do? Maybe it's splashing in puddles all day or flying a kite as it soars like a bird in the windiest of winds. As the stars twinkle at the end of a busy day playing outside, every child looks forward to the biggest goodnight hug before bedtime. I Wish It Were Raining is written in a playful rhyme with weather-inspired scenes to spark a child's imagination." Oh, and like my other books to date, there are a few puzzles at the back.

  Here's the promotional video for you to (hopefully) enjoy!
How to buy I Wish It Were Raining.

Monday, 29 November 2021

81 Words

 Nah, that's not the length of this post.

It's the title of a new anthology containing, yes, you've guessed it, stories that are 81 words long. 1000 of them by 1000 different authors, which is an unofficial world record! 

When the opportunity came up I was very pleased to contribute to this book.

My story is called, A Great Feat, and is story no. 627 in the book. 

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Topically Challenged Is Out

Another Flash Fiction book that has the pleasure of containing one of my "efforts" is out! 

Head to Amazon to get your mitts on Topically Challenged, a collection of 100 stories, all inspired by news headlines. The book is paperback and Kindle ebook.