Thursday 26 October 2023

Nothing Bequeathed


They’re inside me. Squirming. On the move.

Flash backs flood my subconscious thoughts.

The searing pain bursting out of my chest.

The hurt in your eyes.

The touch of the surgeons gloved hands.

The cold mortuary slab.

I felt it all.

My line was flat, yet here I am.

In a state of flux between there and gone.

Trapped inside my mind.

Cocooned in a box unable to wake, slipping away.

Slowly being eaten alive.

Prayers unanswered like eternal voicemail.

Thursday 11 May 2023

The Label Around Your Neck

Occasionally I like to challenge myself with word-limit fiction. Here's a bit of 50-word fiction for you...

“Another miracle of modern science,” said Dr. Jones, congratulating Dr. Shaal. 

Dr. Shaal stood watch at the window of the neonatal unit, embodying disquietude.

“Have you noticed how all children aren’t born with labels?" asked Dr. Shaal rhetorically. 

Unaware, the Novak’s loomed over their new-born daughter, applying their bygone tags.

Thursday 27 April 2023

Two new flash fiction books on the way

In 2024 I have a story included in an anthology of of 42-word stories. That's quite a while away, so, in the meantime...

I have a six word story in a book called Six Word Memoirs, which is a collection of  stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes all written in six words. This was released on 2nd May 2023. There is no title for the story because, well, its six words long, so giving it a tile would either make it longer or would give away the story. 😉

When your stuff is a collection like this, it's difficult to vouch for the quality of the other entries. With previous flash fiction anthologies, such as Topically Challenged, they were writers craft challenges and edited Chris Fielden, someone who is a writer/editor and writing tutor. So, there's a good chance many of the other stories will be good too. However, the field is somewhat wider when all you have to do is write 6 words. 

Anyway, if you must have every book I'm in, then you can buy Six Word Memoirs here.  😊

The Bookmark Project

I have donated a custom doodled bookmark plus a signed copy of The Christmas Starfish to the #BookmarkProject, which is raising funds for a school in Zimbabwe. 

Auction details here: - LOT 376

I had hoped to do a couple more bookmarks but time got the better of me. I wrote a very quick verse that was going to go on a bookmark - you can read it below. 

Books can be scary, 
books can be fun. 
Books are adventure, 
enjoyed by everyone. 

Bookmarks can be helpful, 
marking your progress. 
Without my nice bookmark 
I would have to guess! 

Just like funky fashion, 
bookmarks are all the rage. 
When you've paused reading, 
they can mark your page. 

So, look after this marker, 
treat it like a friend. 
A companion for your story, 
until the happy end.

The auction is for a really good cause, and there are some big names contributing custom signed bookmarks, as well as some lesser known, but equally talented, writers and illustrators. I don't really do book signings or hand drawings, so these are rare items to get hold of. 😉 

The auction starts on Monday 8th May at 6pm and finishes on Monday 22nd May at 7pm (GMT).