Tuesday 16 March 2021

Something Gnawing Inside

 I got a bit bored and peckish earlier today. So, I wrote this in 5 mins. The speed probably shows, but what the hey, I'm just warming up the creative juices ready to start a writing a new book soon. 

Something Gnawing Inside

Ooh, I'm feeling hungry.

Yeah, I want a snack.

Head down to the kitchen

for a snack-attack.


Rummage through the cupboard,

search on every shelf.

There's nothing I really fancy,

nowt bad for my health.


What about the fridge?

Nah, just eggs and fusty cheese.

That's given me a thought.

No, not the mouldy brie.


I could eat something tasty,

and replace the sticky treat.

No-one will know of this crime,

only me and my self-defeat.


I ate the sweet confectionery

and momentarily felt great.

Perhaps it was too much in one sitting.

We’ll leave that up to fate. 

"ALEXA – Add chocolate Easter eggs to my shopping list."

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