Tuesday 26 November 2019

Late Night Seduction

Arms propped on the desk, a little finger at the edge of his left nostril, Terry gazed at the computer screen, eyes glazed and sore. He blinked, eyelids scratched at dry red eyeballs.
"Click here for action", the big flashing red button beckoned.
Terry brushed his crotch, pushing down the bump of trouser material.
Fixated on the moving images, Terry knew he was addicted but could not draw himself away.
"Come on you beauty," Terry said out loud, but quiet enough that his wife in the next room would not hear.
Dirty didn't even begin to describe how he felt. He needed this late night fix, it was as simple as that.
He had tried to break the addiction. Gone cold turkey a few times but he kept on coming back, lured in by the merest of thoughts, or the prevalence of website adverts based on his internet history.
As the images flashed across the screen Terry heart raced with excitement, anticipation and fear. His finger hovered over the mouse buttons. Things were getting interesting on screen, an orgy of limbs tangled and on-cue Terry clicked the button.
"Go on, stick it in!" Terry urged, feeling a surge of adrenaline within.
Climatic screams faintly burst from the low-volume screen.
Just then Terry felt a hand on his shoulder.
"Oh love, you promised you wouldn't anymore," said Jean, pinching at his tense shoulders.
"But Jeanie, I've just won a grand. Cashed out just after United scored the equaliser!"

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