Published Stories Etc

As the list of published stories grows I figured it would be best to create a page of these rather than having very long navigation links.

Exact Word Limit Stories
Suburbia (50 word limit @ 50WordStories)

A Great Feat (81 word limit @ Christopher Fielden's 81word challenge- Story 527)

In The Moment (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

Doggone (100 word limit @ Friday Flash Fiction)

Resolutions (50 word limit @ 50WordStories)

The Lake Between (100 word limit @ Christopher Fielden's Preposition challenge - Story 78)

Short Stories
Value for Money (@ Raven Electrick)
Always Read The Label: Caring For Your Smalls And Delicates (Story 255 @ Christopher Fielden's Nonsense Challenge)

Lost The Thread (Story 076 @  Christopher Fielden's News Challenge)