Thursday 27 April 2023

The Bookmark Project

I have donated a custom doodled bookmark plus a signed copy of The Christmas Starfish to the #BookmarkProject, which is raising funds for a school in Zimbabwe. 

Auction details here: - LOT 376

I had hoped to do a couple more bookmarks but time got the better of me. I wrote a very quick verse that was going to go on a bookmark - you can read it below. 

Books can be scary, 
books can be fun. 
Books are adventure, 
enjoyed by everyone. 

Bookmarks can be helpful, 
marking your progress. 
Without my nice bookmark 
I would have to guess! 

Just like funky fashion, 
bookmarks are all the rage. 
When you've paused reading, 
they can mark your page. 

So, look after this marker, 
treat it like a friend. 
A companion for your story, 
until the happy end.

The auction is for a really good cause, and there are some big names contributing custom signed bookmarks, as well as some lesser known, but equally talented, writers and illustrators. I don't really do book signings or hand drawings, so these are rare items to get hold of. 😉 

The auction starts on Monday 8th May at 6pm and finishes on Monday 22nd May at 7pm (GMT).

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