Thursday 20 August 2020

Verbal Diarrhoea

I’ve got verbal diarrhoea,

According to my mum.

Nearly everything I say

Sounds like it’s from my bum!


I’m not sure it’s contagious,

Or who I caught it from.

All I can state is,

My mouth is a verbal bomb.


A stream of gushing nonsense.

My tales as tall as trees.

Apparently, I make no sense; 

Spouting bonkers mad stories.


I could get quite upset,

Perhaps a little sad.

That my mum thinks I talk garbage,

But at least I’m like my dad!


He’s full of verbal diarrhoea.

Facts and tales unchecked.

And he won “Dad of the Year”

At least that’s what he said.


I don’t think mum minds

That I have a brain wired weirdly.

Because at the end of the day,

She hugs me and says,

“I love you, verbal diarrhoea and all, most dearly.”

If you've got kids then there's a good chance you recognise the verbal diarrhoea reference.😀 I wrote this a few years ago (about 2015, possibly earlier), and left it in a folder full of works that are in various states of completion. I decided to dust it off, make a couple of revisions and share on here. I read it out loud to one my kids for the first time and almost choked up on the last line! Hope you enjoyed it.

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