Monday 21 June 2010

The straw that broke the camel's back

Emily was in an awful mess,
And she didn’t know what to do.
It was her who put the final straw
On her pet toy camel Stu.

The straw that broke the camel’s back
Well at least his dromedary hump.
And now he looks awful silly
Without his single lump.

As a humped camel he would
Rove for miles and miles
Across desert dunes and pudding spoons, 
And he always raised some smiles.

Big camel hooves made the funny camel move
Across the playful pit of sand,
Always safe in the knowledge
That Emily was close at hand.

Spitting was a disgusting camel habit
Stu’s manners were quite atrocious.
Emily’s mum wished she’d bought a rabbit
Or something less ferocious.

And like all camels Stu’s pong
Was ever so stinking strong.
Emily bathed him every day,
Yet the smell refused to go away.

Emily and Stu were inseparable
Like a monkey and some bananas.
Emily and her smelly camel
Even had matching pyjamas!

Stu was stronger than a car
The strongest toy by far.
So, to prove he was the best
He attempted a daring stunt.

His way of demonstrating his talent
Was to carry a bale of straw.
It was all fine until Stu’s bravado kicked in
And he asked Emily for some more.

As the final straw was placed
Upon the camel’s back,
Stu grunted at the weight
Then Emily heard a loud CRACK!

Rushing to his side
Through a swarm of swirling meadow,
“Your hump is missing!” she cried
And her tears began to flow.

Emily’s cries were so loud
That at the bottom of the stairs
Her screams had brought a crowd,
A throng of upward glares.

Through the gathering of people
A superhero appeared.
One holding a tube of glue
And wearing a stubbly beard!

“Never fear, darling, Daddy’s here!”
Said the calmest toned voice.
Whenever there was a problem
This man was Emily’s choice.

In an instant Stu was humped once more
And Emily’s tears were wiped.
Daddy was a hero
Though his story was slightly hyped.

As Daddy left the scene
Of Emily placing Stu on the shelf,
Mummy snuck up behind him
With almost cat-like stealth.

“How did you know” she accused
“That the answer to Emily’s cries
Was in a tube of super glue?”
Clearly Mum had no need for spies.

Dad knew the game was up,
This was no time for lies.

“A hero never tells his secrets” Said Dad,
But Mum didn’t agree.
She pushed for answers and, at last,
He said “I sat on him at breakfast -
It was me who broke the Dromedary!”

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