Monday 21 June 2010

Electric Caravan

Moos cows in the field.
Cows in the city of unreal.
"Oh we chew the cud, and then what?"
Yield to the barbarous superiors
Who flaunt the law that says
All creatures have the will to survive.

"It's raining," cried Tommy. Tommy cried.
Like rain on the back of stone
The moo cows stand alone.
Baa sheep in the next field
Watching laws being repealed.
The rain is so dry; Warm.

Fighting has broken out. Broken us.
Flesh crispens in the fire.
The smell of funeral pyre.
"Stop!" frog crossing.
Crossing what? What crossed?
Where's frog? Big slimy wet
Frog. Remember the rain. Lost.

Call me and meet me at Franco's.
The synthetic food is so, how shall
I put it? Yes how? And why?
The skies are blue outside.
"Where's the alighting white?" said Tommy.

Ask your mother the tale

About man's insatiable lover.

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