Friday, 11 December 2020

Strawberry Scoreberries Is Out Now!

 Yes indeed. My latest book, Strawberry Scoreberries, is out now. 

Oh, yeah. I did the illustrations too. When I wrote The Christmas Starfish I said I wouldn't illustrate again, but, well, here we are. I did. And it took me AGES!!!! Still, I really enjoyed it and I'm very pleased with how they came out. I'm not going to make myself any promises about illustrating again because, well, just because really. I'd love to work with an illustrator so I can focus on the wordsmithing side on things. 

Like The Christmas Starfish, this is self-published. Hopefully with a growing body of work out there I can get the attention of a good agent and a publisher for future works. 

Here's the blurb from the Amazon book page.

Join the berry silliness and meet a bunch of fun-berries. What happens when a STRAWBERRY gets a bump....? OW! IT'S A SORE BERRY! A couple of CRANBERRIES? Nah, stick a wig on them and HELLO GRAN BERRIES! Who is the quickest berry? What type of hat would a goose wear?!! Where is the cat, and who should watch out for it? Who will score the winner when the berries play football? STRAWBERRY SCOREBERRIES is a fab fun picture book for little ones to enjoy. Some "extra time" activities too, including colouring in the berries, a berry-themed word search and berry facts

I really hope little ones have fun with this. I'm a big kid and it made me chuckle! 😁

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